Native American Chiefs

Native American chiefs are highly honored positions within each North American Indian tribe.

legendary native american chiefs

Before there were generals, military officials and politicians, the United States was inhabited from coast to coast by the indigenous tribes. Their societies were small and most existed under a form of chiefdom.

An elder, considered to be the most wise, just and effective leader would rise to the rank of chief. Native American chiefs have accomplished some of the most important feats in recorded history. They have led entire civilizations, driven out enemy occupiers and led their people to lands where the hunting was good and the ground fertile.

Here, visitors will find the stories of some of the most accomplished and renowned Native American Chiefs in history.

Some American Indian chiefs are regarded as great warriors who led campaigns and protected their people against overwhelming military odds. For instance, Native American leader leader Geronimo Apache warrior fought against the United States and Mexico to protect his people and lands.

Geronimo’s father-in-law, Chief Cochise was also a feared warrior who spent his life battling Mexican, then American forces in an effort to protect his people and way of life.

There’s also the Navajo American Indian Chief Manuelito, who evaded capture by American forces in the 1800s and bravely led his people even as an overwhelming American Army actively sought for his capture. He was involved in several battles and was present during the “Long Walk,” when the United States forced Navajos to walk at gunpoint from the reservation in Arizona all the way to eastern New Mexico.

The stories of Native American chiefs are carried on through history and the tribes that remain today. Their tales of heroism and bravery are real life legends that continue to inspire to this very day. Chiefs from every tribe led their people through times of great difficulty and continue to lead with honor even today.

The Sioux leader Chief Sitting Bull is one who will live forever in history as man of conviction, bravery and endless cunning. He led his people to decisive victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

The Sioux were a sight to behold in combat, going to battle in traditional war shirts decorated with human scalps and ornamental beads. Camouflage wasn’t a concern; war garb was intended to strike fear in the heart of an enemy. A chief was usually easy to spot, adorned in elaborate garb with Native American Jewelry often worn around their neck.

To learn more about American Indian chiefs and their accomplishments, visit this site, where you’ll find accounts of battles as well as biographical information about Native American Chiefs.



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